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State of the Basin Report

WLEB State of the Basin Report - September 15, 2009 (pdf)

WLEB State of the Basin 2-Page Summary - October 26, 2009 (pdf)

Summary: An investment in the restoration, protection and sustainable use of the Western Lake Erie Basin (WLEB) will yield
dividends in the form of enhanced environmental health, economic well being and quality of life. A federally-authorized assessment identified 810 potential actions, totaling over $2.41 Billion in public funding needs, within the three state (OH, MI, IN), 12 county study area. Categories include Flood Risk Management, Water Supply, Sedimentation, and Bank Erosion (238 projects, $510.2M); Water Quality (374 projects, $1.7B); Resource-based Recreation (35 projects, $45.8M); Fish and Wildlife Habitat (135 projects, $111.1M); and Recreational and Commercial Navigation (28 projects, $53.8M). (See Tables S-1 and S-2).


Individual Watershed Assessments

Lower Maumee
Maumee Bay
St Mary's
St Joseph's
Upper Maumee

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