Project Coordination Teams

Operations - The operations team provides direction to the partnership between Leadership Meetings.

Projects - , ODNR-DSWC, Chair - The project team will seek input about potential projects, identify opportunities for project coordination, provide input on the needs and schedules and priorities  for the watershed improvement efforts and improvement projects, and maintain a comprehensive project database.

Research - , USGS, Chair - The research and data team will synthesize existing data into format useable for watershed analysis across the three states, identify gaps in existing data or knowledge, prioritize needs for data, research, and/other needed technical work.

Outreach -, American Rivers, Chair - The outreach team will enhance public knowledge of the project and of the Partnership, provide outreach assistance, help develop/maintain the partnership web site, identify opportunities for public participation and education and provide a point of contact for the public to address watershed improvement needs, desires, and issues.

Funding - , Ohio Environmental Council, Chair - The funding sub coordination team will track existing funding for the Partnership and watershed improvement effort, identify and recommend potential funding sources for projects, develop a funding strategy for Partnership projects and make recommendations to the Project Coordination Team and Operations Committee.