Kathryn Swartz, American Rivers, Chair – The outreach team will enhance public knowledge of the project and of the Partnership, provide outreach assistance, help develop/maintain the partnership web site, identify opportunities for public participation and education and provide a point of contact for the public to address watershed improvement needs, desires, and issues.


Outreach Work Teams

Excerpt from Article 1: Purpose of the WLEB: “The Partnership shall speak with one voice, promote transparency, encourage participation, be responsive, create awareness, educate, and inform.”



Bring together information relevant to their area of focus that will provide materials for development of tools for public outreach, education and awareness while making an effort to use existing materials whenever feasible.


The Work Teams are



If you would like to join one of the Outreach Work Teams, contact Kathryn Swartz.


The outreach committee is charging the work teams with the following tasks;


  • Developing natural resource outreach/communication materials to inform the public and watershed residents of ongoing watershed management needs and activities
  • Informing the WLEB partners and WLEB leadership of resource problems and solutions, conservation needs, and policy considerations pertinent to the WLEB mission and purpose.
  • Provide educational materials, articles, news releases and other information materials for use by the WLEB website, WLEB newsletter, and by media outlets within the WLEB project area.
  • Provide training and educational materials to assist the WLEB partners in their educational and outreach activities.
  • Help the WLEB partners set priorities, implement the WLEB strategic plan and communicate to the public success stories.
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